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It's like having a Doctor in the family 24/7. Get a diagnosis over the phone and have your prescription sent to your nearest pharmacy in the same call. Hit the link below and see why Ameriplan has been around for over 20 years and why some Doctors prefer it over most insurance.

Plans Starting at $24.95 mo! For the Entire Household

 If you are one of the many out there paying way to much for mediocre health coverage or if you simply do not have any... Click on the link below! 
** no contracts . Ameriplan is set up through your debit or credit card on a monthly cycle. No hidden fees or costs.You can cancel at any time. Do yourself a favor. Click on the link and see why so many people have stuck with Ameriplan for so many years. No gimmicks. Great customer service at a great cost. 
It wasn't to long ago that I was sitting right where you are with a throbbing tooth needing to be pulled and no health coverage. I began to look for something I could sign up for that day and could afford. Click on the link below to read about the different benefit packages. If you still have questions, fill out your information and your inquiry at the bottom of this page.      Elton Solitaire
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